Hail Creates a Lucrative Marketplace

Hail damage ushers the homeowner into a lucrative marketplace for roofing contractors. In 2010, hail damage across the U.S. was estimated to have cost home owners $1 Billion. 75% of U.S. cities experience at least one hail storm a year, so many people are vulnerable. A 2012 hailstorm in Dallas, Texas caused upwards of $2 Billion in property damage for home and business owners.

A hail storm can also pave the way for unqualified contractors to take advantage of home and business owners. They may not all be swindlers, but that doesn’t mean they have the skills or knowledge to get you what you need.

The good news is that quality roofing contractors are out there. To find out how Hail Hero helps homeowners get the best workmanship and warranty coverage, contact us.

Nathan Lucy

I love using service design, strategy, and storytelling to help businesses attract more of their most enjoyable, profitable customers. I teach Design Thinking at Washington University in St. Louis and serve on the board of the St. Louis chapter of the Service Design Network. My approach to business, informed by human-centered design and organizational development, is all about re-connecting people.